Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick-or-treating around campus

We had a fun little outing today. I headed over to Miya's school, got her dressed, and then we hit up various campus departments for some good ol' trick-or-treating! Good times.

She wasn't too sure what the heck was going on at first...

Miya and Mom

Stacy and Shawn (we work together and the kids are in the same class, fun!!)
In the buggy, ready for action!


It was fun!

Trick or treating on campus...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

baby babble, one word, two words, and then...

After school yesterday, just after I had loaded her into the car and hopped into the driver seat, she said "I want baby please".

She also sings the chorus and hums along to this little tune constantly in the car, and if there is anything (and I mean anything) besides this playing she hollers "OH NO!! Mamma Mia!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My, how things have changed...

I went out to lunch with a work bud today, he's 25 ish, I am not. He told me tales of his exciting dating life, his rip-roaring, bar hopping, I'm gettin' drunk stories, and all about his two new side jobs, which he is making bank for...

...and then it was my turn.

Me: "Guess what I am doing J?"

Him: "What! Spill it!?"

Me: "I'm potty training a two year old."

Him: silent.

Him: "How's that going?"

Me: "Not so good, I let her wear her big girl panties last night and in less than an hour she had pissed all over the floor, twice."

Him: rolling his eyes.."Jesus, sounds like fun."

Me: "yeah, not so much..."

This conversation happened after he almost barfed in my car due to the rotten milk stench that I am apparently immune too. Upon inspection, I found 4 sippy cups under the passenger seat....

What the hell is happening to me?

Oh yeah, I'm a mom.