Friday, February 27, 2009

We miss your blog...

I know you do :-) at least a few of you miss my blog because you've either called me or emailed me to tell me.

I've had a lot going on these past few weeks, which included not having computer access for a couple of weeks...I almost died w/out a computer by the way....well, not really...well, maybe...

So, to help tide ya over until I get around to updating the blog I give you a bit of breaking news and a photo.

The news as of 8:00a.m. this morning:

One month ago I joined the Biggest Loser contest my work is putting on as part of our wellness program. One month ago I weighed in and haven't been on the scale since. This morning, I was formally weighed in and to my SURPRISE SURPRISE, I lost 7.6 pounds last month. Totally not expecting that. In fact, my co-worker practically had to drag me over to health services to weigh-in because I wanted to quit and I DID NOT want to get on that scale. Peer pressure won that battle and I'm glad it did. I'm chalking it up to stress, cause I certainly haven't been exercising...although, I have been eating better. So, that was very exciting and now I'm even more motivated to keep on going!

The photo:

On our way to AZ earlier this month, photo courtesy of uncle Dustin. :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ummmm, yeah...

I am without computers. Yes, plural. My home computer is being reloaded after being hit with a NASTY virus and my work computer is down after getting hit with another NASTY virus (along with 90% of the campus).

Soooo, no blogging for me. I'll post as soon as I can, we had a GREAT trip to AZ!